Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Personal Ministries in the United Kingdom and Ireland



  • Guidelines for Church Planters. A helpful document prepared by the British Union Confernce to guide planters in setting up appropriate churches.
  • General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Go to departments and select Sabbath School/Personal Ministries. Much useful information, recommended resources and reading, and many useful links.
  • Information on the concept and process.
  • Bible Info. An online interactive website for Bible questions, Bible study resources, and prayer, all available in ten different languages.
  • Cell Church UK. A non-denominational organisation which publishes a quarterly journal by the same name, and offers a wide range of small group/cell training events and resource materials. Some materials available for free download.
  • Similar to the Cell Church UK website, but has American flavour rather than British. Some excellent material available for free download.
  • Adventist Discovery Centre. Correspondence Bible and health course materials offered by the former "Voice of Prophecy".
  • Advent Source. A large range of Bible study and witnessing materials, also offering many links to other useful sites.
  • Similar to Advent Source but a wider range of information about the church and its mission.