Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Personal Ministries in the United Kingdom and Ireland


Public Evangelism

The effectiveness of public and seminar evangelism in Britain has declined in recent years: members of the public are less likely to respond to handbill and poster advertising today than they were a few years ago. However, where church members have developed significant numbers of positive relationships among unchurched people and those of other religious faiths, and awakened an interest in the Christian message through personal and small group witness, public evangelistic meetings and seminars will continue to play an important role. Some lay church members are gifted public speakers and are clearly called by God to proclaim the Gospel in this way, and the Personal Ministries department at the BUC and local Conferences can arrange training where required.

Members interested in gaining training in public and seminar evangelism should consult with their local pastor in the first instance

Recommended Reading and Training

Go to Personal Ministries page of the General Conference website: and click on "IICM Manual" for resources and courses available